What is the expected schedule for receiving our photographs?

Rest assured, I am dedicated to providing your wedding photos promptly. Normally, I share a preview within 48 hours of the occasion, followed by the complete delivery within 6-8 weeks after your wedding day.

How many photos will be included from our wedding day or connection session?

For a 3-hour engagement session we typically deliver 50-70 images and for a wedding , we typically deliver 60-80 images per hour of coverage. Keep in mind these numbers may increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day and the number of events/activities needing to be captured.

Will you be the sole photographer for our event, or will there be a second photographer involved?

For your wedding day, my collections encompass my individual services. I am fully equipped to expertly document any wedding, having effectively covered intimate ceremonies involving just two individuals, as well as grand celebrations with up to 600 attendees. If you’re considering a second photographer, this option is open for any collection, with the cost determined by location and coverage duration.

What is your artistic approach?

We embody a style that exudes vibrancy, boldness, and true distinctiveness. Our role as creative storytellers revolves around artistically capturing the genuine essence of your special day. Our goal is for our photographs to transport you back to the authentic emotions and moments of your wedding day. With an unobtrusive presence, we unveil the inherent magic of your day, showcasing your genuine personalities, the unwavering support of your loved ones, and the natural progression of the day as keen observers.
While our focus lies in candid and unposed shots, we also transcend the boundaries of pure photojournalism. We gently offer guidance that enhances your natural radiance, without creating an artificial or staged feel. Our intention isn’t to transform you into unrecognizable images through excessive editing. We’re prepared to take extra steps – whether it involves perching atop trees, wading through glacier-fed streams barefoot, or capturing moments amidst the mist of a freezing water fountain. Our imagination is in constant motion, conjuring fresh, distinctive, and imaginative perspectives. And the end result? Timeless images that speak volumes on their own.

Do you provide all the photos you take?

No, we don’t. We meticulously curate the collection, excluding duplicate shots, test frames, images lacking focus, unflattering expressions, and other shots that could lower the final product’s overall quality. For instance, using low apertures prompts us to capture a few extra shots to secure perfect focus. We understand that you might lack the time or expertise to scrutinize each image for optimal sharpness, so we invest hours in this process on our end.
Similarly, some of the most captivating moments, such as genuine laughter or heartfelt tears, might result in less flattering facial expressions. To grasp the true essence of these moments, we occasionally take a few extra shots. This guarantees an exceptional image that flawlessly captures the moment’s essence.
Drawing from our experience processing numerous images annually, we remove duplicates and deliver only the finest representations, relying on our expertise to ensure your collection attains the highest quality.

In the event of a wedding cancellation, will we be refunded the retainer fee?

Regrettably, no. The retainer fee is specifically utilized to secure your chosen date. Once we’ve committed to reserving your date, we abstain from booking any new clients for that particular day.

What occurs on the actual day?

Before the significant occasion, we will discuss the schedule for both the daytime and evening to ensure seamless proceedings.
During the morning preparations, I avoid intentionally staging or arranging anything. My goal is to capture candid and authentic moments, preserving a documentary style. I want you to fully relish your morning with friends and loved ones, without worrying about my interference or direction unless you explicitly request specific photos.

Do you capture family photos?

Absolutely. Capturing family photographs is something I genuinely enjoy. While some photographers might consider this part of the day less exciting, I approach it with enthusiasm and creativity. I ensure the process is enjoyable and anything but monotonous. I’ll organize everything, and the session will be brief, lasting only a few minutes. After that, it’s back to the festivities and celebration!

When is the ideal time to secure your booking?

Typically, we recommend reserving your spot 12-18 months in advance, particularly because popular dates tend to get claimed quickly

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